Hey all! I’m writing you from my flight back to the states. I really can’t believe that my 8 months of traveling are over. However I still have to talk about my time in Lisbon. Unfortunately, Lisbon ended up being the city in Europe where we had the least amount of time, really only a full day and a half to check out the city. We definitely tried to make the most of our time there though! We started off by taking the subway into the downtown area to explore a bit. We quickly stumbled upon this incredible food market, where we ended up stuffing our faces with tons of cured meats and sangria.
After the market we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the city. The houses and buildings in general in Lisbon are beautiful, with all of them being different colors and some are decorated with different patterned tiles. While we were walking around we saw Rossio Square, Santa Justa elevator and a viewpoint called Sao Pedro de Alcantara.

The next day we started off by going to see the castle of Sao Jorge, which is an ancient castle built on top of a hill. While this area was reused for different things through the years, there’s evidence of parts of it being used as early as 7BC! Needless to say the castle was really cool to explore and had a great view of the city.  

After the castle we went to the marcado da ribeira, and while a lot of the normal produce and other typical market stands were closed (a lot of things in Portugal, or at least Lisbon, are closed on Mondays) the part of the market called the time out market was open. This part had a bunch of restaurant stands, so we were able to get lunch, which was delicious!

 After lunch we took a short siesta outside in a small park and then we decided to head to Belem to check out the area and see the tower. Belem is right along the water, which was pretty to see as is, but it also has the Jeronimos Monastery and of course the Belem tower, which were both beautiful.

After Belem we went to check out the LX factory, which is a bunch of artsy shops and restaurants. We then ended the evening with an amazing meal with lots of traditional Portuguese food. We really enjoyed our time in Lisbon even if it was short and would definitely like to go back one day.
Overall our trip in Europe was absolutely amazing! It’s hard to believe it went by so quickly. As I said above, this concludes my 8 months of traveling. I hope to travel again in the future, but as of now I don’t have any specific plans. I’m planning on doing a reflection post once I’m back in the states so keep an eye out for that.


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