Hey all! So my Europe adventures have been off to a great start! The first city I went to was Amsterdam and it was absolutely gorgeous! Zeke also joined me here and it’s been great to have a travel companion again. Since he didn’t arrive until the afternoon the first day, we spent the day just exploring the city, stopping for an occasional beer or food.
The next day we started off by walking around Vondel park. Most people bike but we just felt like walking around. After the park we went to check out the famous I Amsterdam sign. It was packed but we still managed to get a nice picture on the letter “M”. After that we went to the Rijksmuseum, which was really nice. The museum is huge, so we only ended up seeing the first floor. After the museum we got lunch at an Indonesian place. Since Indonesia was a Dutch colony, the food was really good.

After lunch we went to check out the Van Gogh museum, which was awesome! It really is quite amazing that he only produced art for 10 years and not only produced some amazing works but is so widely recognized. After the museum we decided to wander around some more and eventually ended up at the Sexmuseum. It definitely was an interesting experience, and a must see in Amsterdam.

Our last day we had originally wanted to check out the Anne Frank house but didn’t realize you have to book in advance to get in before 3:30 and our flight was that afternoon. So instead we went and got some apple pie at this cafe called Winkle43. It was incredible! I never realized other countries also did Apple pie. After that we went to the Stedelijks museum, which was also super cool. This museum was more focused on modern and contemporary art then the others.

After the museum we grabbed lunch, walked around a bit more and then went back to the Airbnb so we could get ready to catch our flight to Prague, which is where I’m writing this from. So stay tuned for my next post!


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