Hong Kong

Hey all! I’m on my way to the airport in Hong Kong so I can fly over to Amsterdam! I’ve absolutely loved Hong Kong! While it is essentially just a big city, it’s so much more then that due to mixture between western and Asian culture. Not only are a lot of things in English and a lot of people speak English, but even the traditional foods have influenced from both cultures, but we’ll get to that later.
The first full day I had here I started by meeting up with a friend of my mom’s who showed me around the area a bit and then took me to dim sum. He ordered a bunch of different dishes (as is customary with dim sum) so I got to try a whole bunch of different things. Everything was amazing! I couldn’t believe how full I was at the end since it had really felt like I just ate a little bit of everything and not a substantial amount of food. I think it was the perfect way to start off my time here.

After dim sum I decided to wander around the city a bit. I ended up taking the ferry to cross over the harbor so I could see the views and it definitely did not disappoint. After the ferry I walked around the Tsim Sha Tsui area, starting with Victoria Harbor and star gardens. There was some live music at the harbor, which was pretty cool.

After that I decided to check out the market’s near Mong Kok. These markets are made up of street and markets like “sneaker street”, “goldfish market” and “ladies market” where each one stands for what they sell. It was a huge market and felt much bigger than the other markets I’ve seen in Asia. After the markets I went back down to the harbor to watch a symphony of lights, which was ok as far as light shows go. I think it would’ve been better if there wasn’t so much light pollution. I then took the ferry back to see the views at night.

The next day I went with some American girls I’d met at my hostel and this guy I’d met in Cambodia who also happened to be staying at the hostel to check out Victoria peak. To get there you have to take a team up the side of a hill and it’s super steep. For most of the ride it felt like we were all going to fall backwards since we didn’t manage to get seats and had to stand. We eventually made it to the top without completely falling over and decided to trek around the peak and then up to the very top. Walking around was really nice and there were some great views but then going up to the top got complicated. After the initial sign there weren’t really any others and we ended up hiking for what felt like ages until we made it to a point we felt was the top. On the plus side there were so many adorable dogs running around that we got to pet (shout out to the tiny fluffy dogs in the booties) so it was worth it.

That night I met up with my friend Viv who I met in my hostel in Sydney. Since she’s from Hong Kong she took me to get traditional food and walk around the city a bit. The meal we got was the perfect example of the blend of cultures. It was a bowl of tomato soup with macaroni noodles, BBQ pork, two sunny side up eggs, toast and a tea. It was so good! After that we went for drinks and to walk around the city. Viv decided we should get pictures taken in the middle of the street, which is something totally common place in Hong Kong. We were walking down a street to find it and sure enough there was a guy with a professional camera taking people’s pictures and printing them out right there. I think the pictures turned out pretty well and it was a cool experience.

The next day I went with the Americans from my hostel again to do the dragon’s back hike. The reason it’s called this is that the hike goes up and down the hills, like the back of a dragon. While it was a bit misty I still think we got some really cool views of the city and I always enjoy hiking. At the end of the hike we passed these wild dogs which was cool. Don’t worry, we didn’t try to touch them and they just sat there and stared at us. This was the other thing I really liked about HK was that on top of all the typical things to do in a city you could also really easily go hiking at places that were essentially still in the city.

The rest of the day we spent wandering in the city in an area that was really quite artsy and hipstery. Later in the evening we got dinner, (my last proper meal in HK!) and then went back to the hostel since I had to be up this morning to get my flight. I’ve really enjoyed my time here and I would definitely come back and visit again. I cannot believe my time in Asia is done, and my solo travels as I’ll be meeting up with Zeke once I get to Amsterdam! Keep an eye out for my next post on Europe!


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