Chiang Rai

Hey all!  I’m currently hanging out in my hostel until I need to go to the airport for my flight to Hong Kong this evening.  I’ve just spent the past two nights here in Chiang Rai and while there’s not too many things to do here I had a really good time.

The biggest tourist attraction in Chiang Rai is probably the white temple.  My bus from Chiang Mai actually stopped there on the way, which was really nice.  It is a pretty standard temple but is different in that the entire thing is made up of white and silver tile.  I also found that the temples here in Chiang Rai seem to be a bit “sharper” than the rest of Thailand.  Regardless it wa very pretty.

That I night I started off by getting a traditional northern Thai dish for dinner called Khao-soi.  It’s a spicy noodle curry that was delicious!  So much so that I ended up getting the same thing for dinner my second night here. The place we got dinner from was right on the corner across from the bell tower.  Every night at 7, 8 and 9 there is a light show on the tower with music, so I was able to see it while I was there.  After dinner I ended up walking around the night market with some people from my hostel and then we just came back to the hostel for the evening.

The next day I rented a motor bike and went with some people in my hostel to the Khun Korn waterfall. It was a beautiful 45min drive to get there and then we also had to trek 1.4k through the forest to get to the actual waterfall.  The waterfall was beautiful and the water was really cold!  We went for a swim anyways and just hung out there for a bit. We were really lucky because there weren’t many other people there.

After the waterfall we went to the Baandam museum, which is more commonly known as Black House. The reason being is that it is essentially Thai artist, Thawan Duchanee’s interpretation of the opposite of the white temple.  It was pretty cool to see, though some of his art was pretty out there.

Today I took my bike and went to the blue temple, which is exactly what it sounds like.  Essentially, if there’s a color, there’s a temple for it in Chiang Rai.  Though I will say, that I really liked the blue temple a lot.  The rest of the day has just been spent waiting for my flight.  Stay tuned for my adventures in Hong Kong!


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