Hey everyone! I’m back on the road again, on my way to Chiang Mai. I’ve just left Sukhothai, which is where I spent the past two nights. Sukhothai is a small city north of Bangkok, that a lot of tourists skip, but I’m glad I didn’t. The first night my bus didn’t arrive until 5:30 so I just walked from the bus station to the hostel and settled in. After that I grabbed some dinner, a Thai omelet, and wandered around a bit with some people from the hostel. We ended up in this random lot where they sold this huge frappees with unlimited toppings for less then a dollar!
The next day I went with a German couple from the hostel to check out the Sukhothai historical park, which is the main attraction in the city. It’s a UNESCO heritage site actually. Basically the park is filled with ponds, lakes, monuments and lots of temple ruins. We spent the morning just wandering around the park and it was really quite beautiful.

After the park we grabbed some lunch and then decided to get a Thai massage. I felt that I couldn’t go to Thailand and not get one, not to mention is was less then $6. While it was a bit painful at times, I definitely enjoyed it and the woman really stretched me out.
After the massage there was a walking market on the street right outside our hostel that happens every Saturday. We decided to check it out and get dinner there. The market went for ages and had everything from food to clothes to pets. We ended up just getting food from a bunch of different stands. I think my favorite thing I ate were these BBQ grilled pork and beef skewers. I liked them so much the first time I had them, that I went back to get more later in the night. The other thing the market had was live music and dancing. We went to check it out and ended up dancing with some of the locals. It definitely was a really fun evening.

As I said, I’m making my way to Chiang Mai, so I’ll definitely have a lot to talk about in my next post. Stay tuned!


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