Hey all, I’m writing from my plane to Bangkok. My last few days in Laos were spent in the capital, Vientiane. Before I tell you about that I have to tell you about the overnight bus I took to get there. So the seats in the overnight buses in Laos are essentially double beds that you have to share with another person. Since I’m traveling alone I got put with a random Laotian woman. Luckily, she was perfectly nice and the only issue I had was that she’d occasionally roll onto me while she was sleeping. It was definitely an experience to say the least.
When I got to Vientiane, naturally I was extremely tired so I ended up having a pretty lazy day. I started off by wandering around the city a bit with some people from the hostel. This city is your typical SE Asian city with temples all over the place. Then when I could checkin to my room I took a short nap and then spent the rest of the day at the pool. In the evening I went with a girl from my hostel to grab some dinner and check out the night market, which was pretty standard, though some of the stuff they were selling seemed a bit more like things you’d get at a shopping center.

The next day I got a haircut in the morning. It actually turned out great because I went to a western style hair dresser and the guy had studied in Paris. After that me and the girl from my hostel went to mail some postcards and then check out the Patuxai monument, which is essentially like a smaller arc du triomphe. We were able to go up to the top, which didn’t have the best view ever, but it was kind of cool.  

After that we grabbed some lunch and then walked over to the presidential palace, which unfortunately you can’t go inside. After that we parted ways since she had seen most of the other things in Vientiane (not that there’s much to do there). I then went to the COPE visitors center, which is a wondering organization that works to help victims of UXO (Unexploded ordinances) explosions get treatment, especially those who can’t afford it. The visitors center also explains a bit about the bombing of Laos, which, surprise, surprise, was an unnecessarily excessive bombing done by the US. For those who don’t know the US dropped over 270 million cluster bombs on Laos, 20% of which didn’t explode. Every year tons of innocent Laotian people are injured or killed due to accidentally finding/setting off these bombs, or bombies as the locals call them. Luckily today there are many efforts to find and safely remove these bombs, so hopefully within a few years Laos will be bomb free.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon walking around, going into a few temples and things. The evening was spent doing pretty much the same thing as the first one. The meal I got for dinner didn’t have an English translation, but it was essentially chicken with veggies, rice and a fried egg on top and it was yummy! Then when walking through the night market and by the river we stumbled upon this cute little street with a lot of street food. We decided to get egg waffles for dessert. Mine was green tea flavored with chocolate chips inside with vanilla ice cream. It was delicious! (See below).

I’m sad my time in Laos has come to an end because I really enjoyed it here. As I mentioned in my previous posts the country is absolutely stunning. I think I will definitely want to come back here later in life. But now I’m off to Thailand and I’m really excited to see what this country has in store for me. Look for my next post in a few days!


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