Luang Prabang

Hey all, I’m currently writing from an overnight bus to Vientiane. The past few days have been great! The first day I got here I ended up going out bowling with some people from the hostel, since that’s one of the big nightly activities here.
The next day I went with a girl from my hostel, Ana Maria, to check out the Kuang Si waterfall and it was absolutely stunning. Before the waterfall they had a sunbeam sanctuary, where you can see the bears and learn about them.  The waterfall was a three tiered waterfall that extended down 200ft into many different pools. We ended up climbing up to the top of the waterfall, which was a bit of a challenge, but the view was really nice. After that we went to go swim in one of the pools. Unfortunately for me the pools are filled with fish that like to feed on dead skin and with my motor bike injury not being fully healed, I decided it wasn’t a good idea for me to let the fish feast on my wound.  

After the waterfall we were pretty exhausted so we took the rest of the evening easy. While we were hanging out at the hostel, I bumped into Lauren, a friend I’d made back in Byron Bay who just happened to also be staying at the hostel. It was so great to be able to see her again! We ended up spending the rest of the time I had in Luang Prabang together.

The next day we decided to wander around the city and we checked out a bunch of monuments, temples and the Ock Pop Tok living craft village. After we wandered around for a while we were quite thirsty and decided to get drinks from a stand on the street. We ended up getting what was basically Gatorade in a bag (see picture below) and it actually really hit the spot.  

In the evening we decided to go to Phou Si Mountain for the sunset. While it was super crowded with people, the views with the sunset were really beautiful. That evening we ended up going out to the bowling alley again, which was super fun.

Today we had a very relaxed day and just bummed around most of the day. I was definitely sad to leave Lauren again, but hopefully our paths will cross again at some point. I have a 10 hour bus ride ahead of me and then I’ll be in Vientiane, so look for my next post!


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