Hey all! I’m writing from Pakse, Laos waiting for my flight up north to Luang Prabang. This is my third day in Laos and I’m already really liking this country. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I feel like the biggest difference between here and the other SE Asian countries I’ve been to is that there’s so much greenery here and mountains. Due to this all my activities have been outdoors. I also feel as though a lot of the animals look healthier here, specifically the cows.

The first day I got here I just wandered around the city of Pakse a bit and in truth, there isn’t much to see. I started by getting some lunch and since I ordered a curry, I also ordered rice with it because that’s normally how you eat curries. However, I was unaware how large of a portion they give you and this curry had potatoes in it, so I ended up having way more food than expected. After lunch I walked around a bit and visited a temple. I would’ve walked around a bit more but it was way too hot so I just hung around the hostel.

The next day I rented a motor bike (yes even after what happened last time) and drove to the temple Wat Phou. As I said before, Laos is beautiful, so I really enjoyed my views of the countryside on my drive there. This temple is similar to Angkor Wat, in that it’s in ruins, but it was still really beautiful. There were a ton of stairs to get up to the sanctuary and the top, but it was definitely worth it, especially since I was able to splash some cold water on my face from the spring at the top.

After Wat Phou I stopped at Phou Salao, which is essentially a huge amount of stairs that lead up to a giant Buddha on a hill. Going up was quite tiring but once at the top the view of the city was pretty incredible. 

The next day I went on a tour of the Bolaven Plateau, which is a lovely area with about 20 different waterfalls! This is a huge area so we just did a small loop. We visited Tad Fane (Tad means waterfall), a tea and coffee plantation, the coffin village, Bane Kokphoung (where every person builds their own confines), Tad Lo, the weaving village Katoo, Tad Pua Suam (where there were actually two different waterfalls) and lastly a woman on the side of the road making gardening tools. Even though we were driven around from place to place it was a pretty tiring day. I spent the rest of the evening relaxing at the hostel.

Today I took it easy a wandered around the city once again. I saw another temple I hadn’t seen before, and just aimlessly walked around. I’ve heard the north of Laos is amazing so I’m really looking forward to checking it out! Keep an eye out for my next post!


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