Hey all, I’m writing to tell you about my time in Queenstown. Now before I left for New Zealand everyone I talked to about my trip raved about Queenstown and I must say I really had a wonderful time there. After my flight there was delayed for 2 hours I arrived in Queenstown in the early evening.  The flight in was really cool because the plane has to fly between town mountains.  While enjoying the free soup my hostel had for dinner, I was talking to two other girls staying there and we decided to do the Queenstown hill walk in time to see the sunset. On the way up we passed some random rock sculptures and a sculpture called the Basket of Dreams, which we stopped at to take some pictures. It was a nice hour hike up to the top and the views were gorgeous. We were all really quite happy we had decided to check out the sunset up there.
The next day one of the girls, Jemma, and I decided to ride the gondola up Ben Lomond and then hike up to the summit. While the hike was pretty challenging due to the steepness of the path, we made it to the top and it was definitely worth it. The views on the summit were absolutely incredible, not to mention we felt pretty accomplished having made it to the top. After we came back down from the summit we got to go luging, which was really fun. We didn’t do much else that day because we were so exhausted from the hike up Ben Lomond.

The day after Ben Lomond we had to get up super early for a day trip to Milford Sound. The trip involved a 4 hour bus ride there, 2 hour boat cruise on the sound, which is actually a fiord, and a 4 hour bus ride back. On both bus trips we made a few stops along the way and our bus driver was extremely knowledgeable about the area and its history and told us a lot of interesting stories. We were worried about the weather since it was overcast and a bit rainy on our drive there. Luckily it cleared up and the sun came out by the time we got on the cruise. The Milford sound itself was extremely beautiful and we got to see a few waterfalls and some fur seals! The stops we made were also nice, my favorite being a stop at monkey creek where we were able to fill up our water bottles with fresh spring water. In the evening I met up with a camp friend, Paige, who’s currently living in queenstown and we bumped into another one of my camp friends, Sophie, who I didn’t realize was also living in Queenstown.

This morning was very rainy and cold so I just spent the day wondering around the down town and checking out a few art galleries. My favorite gallery, the Ivan Clarke gallery, was mostly paintings of dogs in scenes as if they were humans. I also decided to get a Fergburger today as I’d heard people raving about them. After waiting in the huge line, which went surprisingly quickly, I got my burger and it was definitely one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

I’m currently on the plane to Christchurch, which will be my last stop in New Zealand before I go back to Sydney. Stay tuned for my final NZ blog post!


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